Grey Cotton Fabric Supply Service

Seven seas Impex is a global leading Grey Cotton Fabric Supplier in India. Our focus is to export agriculture, consumer and industrial and capital goods. Through our business process, we translate your domestic success to the international market. For this success, we partnered with manufactures, power looms and spice growing farms.



We understand our customer needs and achieve them through our partners.  They are leading trusted manufactures, power looms and spice growing farms and also we have a wide range of tie-ups and agreements with different sectors to provide a stop-shop solution for our international clients.

Export Management Services

Through our export management service, we look forward to collaborating with various manufacturer’s distributors and agencies to trade in global markets.

Product Sourcing

We always prefer direct sourcing which provides cost-saving opportunities for our clients. Through this principle, we always enhance our company branding.

Packing and Packaging Solutions

We always deliver our export products with safe and effective packing.Our spice products can be packed in any size of bags like 25 kg bags/50 lbs bags, 100kg, 500 kg/ 625 kg bulk bags. Our fabrics are also packed in a safe manner to face shipping and transit.

Export / Import Documentations

We offer export import documentation services for our clients. In our service, we also offer our supplier interaction.

Our Other Contract and Agreement Services

  • Export Contract
  • Import Contract
  • Logistics Services contract
  • International Sale Contract
  • International Distribution Contract
  • International Commercial Agency Contract
  • International Sales Representative Agreement
  • NCND (Non-Circumvention & Non-Disclosure Contract)
  • International Joint Venture Contract
  • International Manufacturing Contract
  • International Services Contract
  • International Consulting Contract
  • International Confidentiality Agreement
  • International Trademark License Agreement
  • International Sales Commission Agreement
  • International Manufacturing License Agreement
  • International Buying Agent Contract
  • Contract for Turnkey Project
  • Master Franchise Contract
  • Intermediary Contract for Trade Operations
  • Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Venture
  • International Know-How Agreement and Contract
  • Memorandum of Understanding for International Distribution

Our Other Contract Service In India

  • Purchase of Goods Contract
  • Sale of Goods Contract
  • Manufacturing Contract
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Commercial Agency Agreement
  • Sales Representative Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreem





Order Discussion and Pricing


Exported Shipments

Our Export Management Company Contracts Services

  • Product based export management company contracts
  • Buyer sourcing will be done for your manufacturing
  • We provide end to end export solution completely
  • We provide Packing and Packaging solutions for manufacturers, merchants, distributors in the export process
  • Product based supply contracts for international buyers
  • Naming and labelling procedures for Exporting
  • HSN classifications
  • Through our manufacturing and supply export tie-ups we connect SME and OEM manufactures to global markets
  • We provide international distribution agreements which are based on locations and products for manufacturers
  • We provide export learning and development programs for industries and manufacturers. We also provide these programs to the institutions for knowledge on export and import

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